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Experience makes the point

We are always on the lookout for unusual and successful campaigns. We don’t want to replicate the strategies of others but we do seek to be inspired.

Below is one experiential ideas that appeared in an article by Amanda Zantal-Wiener on Hubspot. But before we launch in, we’d like to tell you a bit about this experiential trend. It’s basic even though at first glance it appears to be complicated.

Experiential marketing, is also known as engagement marketing and event or ‘live’ marketing.  The idea is to design a strategy that engages those you want to reach and invite them to participate in the evolution of a brand.

We think Zander-Wiener’s example will help to clarify:

Lean Cuisine: #WeighThis

As part of their campaign, Lean Cuisine curated a gallery of "scales" in New York's Grand Central Station, and invited women to "weigh in." But here's the catch: The scales were actually small boards where women could write down how they really wanted to be weighed. And rather than focusing on their weight in pounds -- or anything pertaining to body image -- the women opted to be measured by things like being back in college at 55, caring for 200 homeless children each day, or being the sole provider to four sons.

None of the participants were approached to try, purchase or support any Lean Cuisine product. The display of scales themselves which did carry Lean Cuisine branding images and hashtags, was enough to make people stop, observe, and then voluntarily interact. Along the way, they got the Lean Cuisine message that what you do in the course of your everyday life – not what you weight – that matters.

She added that the ability to know the message you really want to send and build an experience around that.  Base it upon the audience you address because they are the ones to carry your message forward.

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