Silly AND Smart


Can You Be Both Silly AND Smart? 


For some people, putting in the work to become smart just doesn’t sound like much fun. We decided to make a list of seven ways to become smarter that are not only fun to do, but also out of the ordinary. Training your brain doesn’t have to be a drag.

Wear a blindfold and put in earplugs- In today's society we generate more information more than any time in the past. Sometimes it can feel like information overload without enough time to just be with ourselves.  Next time you have an unplanned 15 minutes or so, spend it blindfolded and earplugged. Not only will it enhance your memory, but it will also give you space for those hard to think about .

Fast like a caveman-  By this we do not mean to never eat. What we do mean is that short periods of fasting can boost neural activity and mental health. See how long you can go each morning on coffee and tea – if your health permits - and test how it affects your mental performance.

Agree with people you hate- Likeability is one of the biggest determinants of who you will, or won’t believe. However, that may not expand your way of thinking about things. Want to expand that capacity? Next time you’re debating with someone you really don’t like, surprise them and agree for the day to see if it sharpens your mental skills.

Become a notecard weirdo- This way of becoming smarter works by forcing yourself to only record the most compelling information you find as you read, and to organize it in a way you can reference later. After a month, you’ll be overflowing with good ideas. Grab some notecards and go to town.

Hang out with toddlers- If you have ever spent more than 30 minutes with a toddler, you might have realized they have some of the most creative intelligence due to their lack of a filter and off the wall ideas. Set some time for yourself to turn off your filter each day and see how some wacky ideas can become brilliant ones.

Tell wild stories- Because the human brain is built for storytelling, the more things you can link together in a narrative, the more readily you’ll be able to recall them later. So, next time you want to remember something, tell a friend about it and create a wacky and wild story to go along with it.

Write off-handed- It turns out that by writing with your off-hand (the hand you do not write with) you are activating the opposite hemisphere of your brain that doesn’t usually get as much attention. Try to spend 15 minutes each day writing some of your notes off-handed, and in turn help that side of your brain that doesn’t get as much love.

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