Mega Trends 2017

With the New Year comes new ideas and trends. Here is one we found in a Shift Communications article that we think could be very helpful.

Peak attention and audiences

The reader’s attention cannot hold the massive amount of online content that is available. As a result, it is difficult to capture the target audience’s attention. In short, too many choices make it hard to focus on what’s most relevant. We see this especially with the overflow of content and comments on social media platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook. 

Our goal as public relations professionals can no longer be to simply try to reach everyone through every media platform available. This only adds to the dilemma about what to read when.

One solution to this challenge is the owned audience approach. 

Owned audience are those people who you have identified your message is appropriate for. Proficiency in a variety of social media activities including tagging and email communications in social media can help fine tune who our audience is.  This allows for the best impact for invested effort and resources.

Other 2017 public relations trends include the increased importance of “dark social marketing”- the amount of communication which occurs behind closed doors and private groups, and the shockwave of content that includes fake news or other content options that are not verifiable in the last year.

To read more about this trend and others, check out the complete Shift Communication article by clicking here. 

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