Fake News Damage Control

When Fake News Strikes

What can you do when fake news strikes you?

We just read Fake news just got real. This is Huffington Post Blogger John P. David’s first sentence in a piece he wrote about the damage fake news can do to one’s reputation.  Unfortunately, we’ve all seen for ourselves during the 2016 Presidential Election and beyond just how detrimental it can be.

Misleading articles about political candidates and their alien children aside, are going to be here for at least a while longer… Yes, we’re dismayed, too. But we think we need to focus upon how to respond to this new wave of ‘so-called’ media that has struck us.

Are You Prepared?

David offers some useful advice about how to protect yourself, your news, and your services from the fake news fallout that has been seeping into both traditional and online media outlets. 

Monitor where you ‘show’ up in the media. Consistent monitoring will help you discover where/how you are showing up. Knowing where you appear is important information as it can help you develop a strategy to address what shows up. 

Develop Your Options. Respond? You’ll need to decide whether or not it would be effective for you to respond directly or to wait out the fake news.  If you determine the untrue message is damaging your reputation, do you reach out to your sources? Know what your options are so that you can best handle the situation.

We suspect fake news is going to continue to gather attention. There is much to learn about this new and disturbing aspect of media. To learn more, read David’s complete article. Click here for details before you find yourself having to fend off fake news.

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