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Include News Wire In Your Strategy

When assessing your public relations strategy tool kit, do not overlook news wire services as media opportunities.  These news organizations – comprised of editors, reporters and photographers - provide regional, national and international news coverage on a range of topics to a wide range of media outlets, including newspaper, print and TV. A few of the more well-known ones are Associated Press and Reuters.

These news aggregate sites can create a win-win situation for your public relations campaign because they are able to bring larger audience attention to local issues. Today there was an Associated Press story about a Charleston police officer’s plea in relation to the shooting of an unarmed motorist. This was a local event but, because it is also an issue of interest across the country, it has national relevance.

On the other hand, that same story presented on the wire service’s national news page, can be a source of additional information – a larger geographic context -  for a local TV station reporting on similar events in their coverage area.  

Become familiar with how news wire organizations work. If you find there a story related to the news you are pitching to your local media, mention it. Provide a link for the editor or reporter and definitely connect the dots between this ‘larger interest’ story and yours.

It may also be possible to do just the opposite. Include information about local coverage in your direct pitch to these new wire reporters and editors.

Wire Service Backstory

The term ‘wire service’ harkens back to days when newspapers used telegraph techniques to communicate with offices across the country. Today’s electronic world has made it possible for wire service broadcasts to quickly assist subscribing news outlets in expanding the context of their news. In some cases, regional wire service organizations provide local news ideas that can help fill the gaps in a slow news day.

It’s important to note that some wire services can also distribute your press release to member media outlets. Because of that, we think it’s a good idea to become familiar with all the wire service options that exist. They range from free to paid distribution and/or access to news story catalogs.

To help you get started, here are a few wire service organizations to check out

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