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A Yin & Yang Thing

Matthew Schwartz of PR News Online likens social media to a Rorschach test “with subjects’ perceptions and interpretations running across the board, and back again.” He makes a good point.

According to him in social media one person’s praise is another’s criticism. We’ve all seen reactions and responses that run the gamut. At times – especially in the world of public opinion – our comments evoke the opposite in others. Ahh… human nature.
Following a recent PR News/Cision survey on the state of social media for communications professionals, Schwartz asked PR pros what they thought were the best and the worst things about social media. Ironically, the comments themselves are contradictory!

For example:

Yin: It appeals most to a demographic that has no purchasing power for my products.
Yang: You are able to connect with people virtually everywhere.

Yin: I can’t find our customers.

Yang: The ability to build relationships with customers and even strangers that can become customers
What’s a social media user to do? Settle into the reality that social media will be filled with those who like – or don’t like – what you have to say about a particular topic.  But remember, you are promoting a service or product that you believe will improve the lives of  others. This is what most people will respond to.
So, don’t make claims that aren’t substantiated by independent sources and…. Stay away from politics (lol!). You’ll do just fine.

To read Schwartz’s complete article, click here. Got your social media spring cleaning going?

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