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Mobile is here to stay. It’s now how most on-the-go people connect to get the information they need. Does your website have what it takes to be smartphone, IPad, and tablet ready?

Responsive website design methods allow you to adapt your website to these mobile devices. In effect, it enhances the user experience with streamlined loading times and easy to take-in visual/text information.
Keep in mind that such a website is makes good SEO news.  Generally, they have higher rankings and this makes your information more readily visible. But being mobile ready isn’t enough. You can improve your visibility by using a meta description (approx.. 160 words) along with key words.

In addition to the above, keep your page content to about 300 words that are SEO ready.
Since we do live in a social world, consider adding social network buttons to your website allows people to spread the word about your news. Look for opportunities to exchange links, too as this can better maximize your ranking.

And, of course, frequency of new content counts. Regularly provided new material keeps the page fresh and encourages visitors to come back for more information.
The good news is that most of this can be easily handled. Here are some helpful links:

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