Be a PR Winner

 Public Relations Awards: Want One?

Who doesn’t love a winner? 

But in order to be a winner, you’ve got to enter the competition. 

According to Darrell Zahorsky (The Strategic Value of Corporate Awards), there are many reasons to put yourself out there, to become an award recipient. When it comes to public relations awards, I agree with him that awards validate the vision and strategy required to meet the highest goals. 

They also offer more as he wrote:
Expand Public Relations: The free publicity an award-winning business receives can result in more business and new connections. Steven Plochocki, CEO of Insight Health Corp. understands the value of award competitions. Insight Health has filled the corporate lobby trophy case with awards such as: The Associations for Corporate Growth Award, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Orange County) and several Stevie Awards.  Plochocki says, “We believe it (business awards) helps validate what we do in the company and enhances our ability to keep good people.”

We know that it also adds credibility. Karen Pierce Gonzalez Public Relations can now add ‘award-winning’ to our credentials. We received an Award of Achievement in Communications from Rotary for our 360-degree efforts to make a Rohnert Park Rotary Club (District 5130) more visible. We not only met a standard, we exceeded it.

Here are two upcoming pr award competitions that deadline in July and August:
  • July 10. PR News’ Digital PR Awards is the industry’s top honor in the PR and communications digital space, recognizing outstanding digital initiatives among corporations, agencies and nonprofits. Details.
  • July 11. BullDog Awards. The Bulldog Awards celebrate corporate communications and public relations strategic and tactical prowess at the highest level. 5 categories of awards will be presented. Details.
  • August 15. PR News’ Rising PR Stars 30 & Under competition. This program honors up and coming PR leaders and creative practitioners. Details.
So toss your hat into the ring and best of luck!

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