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In this era, you can find out about almost anything through internet. Among the most popular and efficient ways to keep informed about the news of the day so that you can develop connections between the news topics and your client’s projects, products, and services is to access a compilation of current information created by a news aggregator.

A news aggregator is also known as a news reader that collects blogs, online newspaper, podcasts, video blogs, etc. in one location so they can be easily viewed. Such sites include Google News, Drudge Report, Huffington Post, News360, and Feedly.

Here's an example of how it works for us: we were able to connect the dots between news that the United States Post Office was looking at stopping Saturday mail delivery service. For one of our clients, a mortuary, the USPS is the “only” federally regulated way they have of shipping human remains to a particular destination. We contacted the bylined reporter on that news aggregate service and offered them our clients’ perspective on the topic. 

The result: Our client was quoted and referenced (linked) on the national news site.

In a way using a news aggregator is a bit like one stop shopping for media opportunities and can be an effective public relations tool.

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