Got Your Smiley Face?

Emoji + Your Public Relations Campaign

An emoji a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication. Think of the Smiley Face that’s become so popular and you get the idea.

And, according to a recent PR News Daily article, they are here to stay. So get used to them.

For some that will take a bit of time. After all, it’s not natural to use cartoonish type figures and images to deliver news pitches. 

Even so, they are making their mark. Consider this:

More than half of the text messages found on sites like Instagram use emojis as a way to make a comment. These little characters are also being used as hashtags and can be seen on billboards and other methods of communication.

In order to be effective, though, this visual language has to be consistent and reliable. Or else its message won’t be fully understand and that means it just won’t come through. It’s a bit like the exclamation point punctuation. Used appropriately it serves to exclaim. When overused it comes across as ‘yelling’ and who wants to be screamed at?

Here are some emoji resources to check out:

  • Emojipedia—List of emoji meanings
  • EmojiOne—Dedicated to the open-source innovation and development of emoji 
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