Goodwill PR

What's Your Goodwill PR?

This is the season of goodwill. We’d like it to be one of four seasons of good will but for now will work with what we’ve got.

Do you want to generate goodwill with your public relations campaign? We have found this to be, by far, the most meaningful component of any campaign  we have strategized and/or implemented.

In researching creative possibilities, we found one that we think is brilliant.

Senior Stocking Stuffers. The Cloverdale Senior Center collects small, useful items that will be stuffed into Christmas stockings. The Northern California center reaches out to community businesses and organizations that would like to participate. They provide an opportunity for others to generate goodwill based upon an opportunity already in place.  Personal care items, such as travel size bottles of shampoo and body lotion, playing cards, large print paperback books, and even warm, fuzzy socks all add up to good cheer.

And, of course, one of ours:

Mystery Writers in the Mausoleum. While this is technically not a ‘winter holiday’ campaign, it does jumpstart the goodwill season with a Halloween event designed to highlight how one of our clients supports and encourages local literary creativity. This memorial park’s 100+ year old mausoleum hosts an annual Mystery Writers evening. This free event (now in its third year) offers writers a chance to share their work and the community a chance to hear stories by candlelight (the mausoleum has no electricity) and to peek into an alabaster marble mausoleum where some of the area’s most giving people are at rest.

If you know of other goodwill campaigns, please share them with us. The more the merrier, whatever the season.

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