Six Winter Tips

Six Winter Tips: Be Of Good Cheer!

The holiday season is here! With it comes a natural desire to slow down, pull in and take stock of how the year has been. Winter’s darkness helps us do that. It encourages us to change the pace; to find ways to connect with others that isn’t ‘all about business as usual.’ Even if/when business in today’s climate has been challenging.

To help you make the most of whichever winter holidays you choose to honor, here are some thoughts to keep nearby.

1.      Make a list of all of the business projects that succeeded, even if only a bit. It’s important to pay attention to what works.  Remember: what you focus on will get most of your attention.

2.      Appreciate how your choices reflect what’s right for you. That’s the gauge of success for all of us. If it’s right for us, it’s also right for others (even those who, as a result, move away from you and your services and/or products.)

3.      Celebrate your learning curves. Not everything was perfect but most likely valuable lessons were learned. Yeah, you won’t have to repeat those again (unless you need to “get it” at a deeper level.)

4.      Today’s results aren’t the only results to consider. In public relations, we all know that some of the best results can come well after the campaign has come to a close. Remind yourself that return on investment gauges reflect cycles/seasons.

5.      Be grateful for every project and client, good/bad, big/small, because they have all given you experiences you wouldn’t otherwise have. And those opportunities are what make you an expert.

6.      Remember you are more than your ‘work’. You’ve got a life that your career helps to support. Reason enough to be happy… especially when you consider the options!

We hope this season brings you peace of mind and plenty of good cheer!

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