Soaking Up Good News

Are You Soaking Up Good News?

Rushing from one news cycle to the next we often forget to savor the news that makes us smile because they celebrate what’s great about being alive.

So here are a few ‘feel-good’ stories we’ve come across recently that we’d like to share. 

London’s Old Spike Roastery hires homeless woman.

This roastery is part of a larger project designed to help local homeless people in the community receive job training, work experience, and land a place to live.
Lucy, a homeless employee who speaks very little English has made the most of the opportunity she has been given.
This Romanian native has become popular among customers who enjoy helping her practice her second language.

Russian entrepreneur helps village turn over a new leaf.

Entrepreneur Mikhail Bronsky is helping Nizhnezolotilovo, a village deserted after the collapse of the USSR rebuild itself. He’s starting literally at the ground level.

Bronsky’s organic Ivan Tea – once just a hobby - made from local willow herbs has given residents much-needed jobs and a boost of hope for the future.

According to Bronsky, the 60 or so jobs are only a start. He also has plans to develop a crafts and tourism business for off-season sustainable business opportunities.

Reading to shelter dogs increases adoption.

Literacy has found new meaning in Missouri. The Shelter Buddies Reading Program of the Humane Society of Missouri helps young readers soothe the nerves of shelter dogs waiting for a home.
The volunteers, aged 6 to 15, sit in front of a dog’s kennel with a favorite book after they have learned how to read the dog’s body language.

The exchange between Fido and the reader develops animal empathy in the readers. It also helps to foster a positive human interaction for canines. Staff members says that can increase their changes of being adopted.

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