Successful Campaign Notes

Notes on Having Successful Campaigns

 Here’s some food for thought for those of you wanting notes on having a successful campaign:

Instead of trying new strategies to expand your public relations reach, consider just doing more of what you already do well.
For example, if media responds positively to your emails pitches, then keep using that tone and language. If the subject lines are compelling, bravo!
We suggest you use what already works rather than chasing trends. Most of them, as you know, come and go.

Be Honest

Make note of what you do well and take satisfaction in that.
Also make note of what could be better done.  
For example, would your email subject lines benefit from an extra twist? Would your pitch have more impact if, for example, a hyperlinked video thumbnail were included?

Bring In Experts

If you don’t time or interest in tackling these skill updates yourself and you have associates who aren’t either, then we encourage you to keep your eyes open for someone who can.
Let’s say you or other team members aren’t the best writer when it comes to generating Twitter content, then seek out someone who is. That will save you time and money and possibly frustration as others are being tasked to perform duties they don’t do well.
 It will also expand you team of associates.
For solopreneurs that not only has the side benefit of an alleviating a degree of isolation it also encourages opportunities to collaborate. This kind of brainstorming is one of the hallmarks of creativity.
And creativity will be what makes your message stand out.
There have been times when our client campaigns have benefitted from our seeking additional experts to step in where needed. Everyone wins in a situation like this.

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