Are You Innovative?

Staying ahead of the curve sounds MUCH easier than it is. Especially if you are already busy working on one, two, three or more complex public relations campaigns and are also stoking a few new client relationships.

Well, maybe there are ways to make it EASIER to not fall behind the times and the trends. According to a recent OPEN FORUM article there are things you can do to keep innovative.

Content Strategist Nina Ngai compiled a list of tips that she believes will help keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive.

Even though it was written with small businesses in mind, the basic principles apply whether or not you are a team of one, two, or twenty-plus.

Are You Ready?

Here are a few of our favorites from her article, Tips to Help Make This Your Most Innovative Years:

Keep Your Eyes Open.

Watch for ‘aha’ moments. You never know when one will show up, so be prepared. And don’t be afraid to pursue the possibilities that might exist around the bend.

Got Imagination? If Not, Get It.


No idea is too right or too wrong when brainstorming. Push the boundaries of what you think is possible to see if you can discover uncharted territory.

Remember to think as if you are the person you are trying to reach with your news.  Play with your delivery options. It might be time to switch up your approach. 

This will help you see the message in different ways and the results may invigorate your campaign(s). They may also remind, in case you have forgotten, of just how creative you can be.

And who knows? Along the way you may rediscover the fun of doing what you do.

Do you have any tips to add to the list? If so, please let us know.
To read complete article, click here.

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