Why Press Releases?

Why Press Releases? 

They Still Matter

It appears that the debate about whether or not press releases are still a viable public relations tool continues. Some experts suggest that, in the face of fast-traveling social media and entertaining multi-media (video, etc.) platforms and the endless stream of email blasts that press releases are no longer necessary.

We don’t agree. While the form may have changed (been spiffed up electronically with hyperlinks and more) they still continue to be a ‘mini-story’ used to pitch the story you’d like media personnel to report on.

With that in mind we want to share with you 28 reasons to write a press release, according to Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound.

As simple as these may appear to be, they are each a portal to a news that could have greater implication; greater connection to an even larger, affiliated story.

But, of course, you’ve first got to get the media’s attention.

We think you should also develop ‘larger story’ angles for your news release… just in case.

Here’s the partial list:

1.  Association with another organization

2.  Anniversary

3.  Annual report

4.  Appearances at events

5.  Appointment to a board or committee

6.  Articles published by or about you

7.  Awards you are receiving

8.  Books you have written

9.  Books you are mentioned in

10. Community classes you are sponsoring

11. Company birthday

12. Contest you are sponsoring

13. Contributions to charities

14. Controversial topic, where you stand

15. Death of major figure in your organization

16. Debates

17. Employee trips

18. Expanded facilities

19. Expanded hours

20. Ezine you are starting

21. Free classes

22. Free demonstrations

23. Free information at your website

24. Free offer

25. Free samples

26. Fund-raising kick-off

27. Fund-raising report

28. Fund-raising goal

The complete list of 89 Reasons To Write A Press Release is available as a thank you when you subscribe to “The Publicity Hound’s Tips of the Week” which can you do by clicking here

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