Media's Upside

Positive Media?

What is media's upside?

We can count on our fingers and our toes the many ways that people feel media perpetuates negativity.

Think politics, world disasters, violence and sex and you get the idea, right?

But if that were all media was then most of us wouldn’t want to be associated with it. We don’t want our good name and our clients’ good names to be confused with the dark side of this information distribution mechanism.

We know, from our many years working on media desks as well our decades of experience working with the media to promote client news that there really is so much more to media than the negative spin it is charged with creating.

To back up our first-hand knowledge we wanted to share some media-related facts with that you that shows how media has a light, positive side as well.

For example, we recently learned that the family-friend animated film Zootopia is one of the highest-grossing films recorded for the first part of this year. That’s because it was uplifting and hopeful.

The point: Media researchers now suggest that media can highlight and support positive messages in many ways.
According to Sophie H. Janicke, Ph.D. studies of media psychology show that media messages that are positive can actually encourage people to want to become better at helping others.

Hanicke, who investigates the role that new and traditional media play in promoting and affecting character development, self-transcendent emotions, prosocial behavior, and subjective well-being, noted that films are very powerful form of media.

“They can elicit “elevation,” the warm, uplifting feeling we get when we watch someone perform deeply moral acts, such as acts of gratitude, generosity, or loyalty.”

Meaningful Media

Media that depicts altruistic values, such as social justice and care for the weak, are significantly more “meaningful” to viewers than other films.

This same information holds true for other forms of media as well. News, for example, that focuses upon what people are doing to improve the quality of life for others is more favorable than news that depicts inequality and despair. 

We think that’s because positive media provides solutions, examples, and suggestions for how to make changes that everyone agrees have to be made.

And who can argue with that? Only those who really don’t want things to change for the better.

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