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Happy Work, Happy Life

Work can be consuming. Sometimes so much so that it impinges upon the rest of your life. And the opposite is equally true.


We think too much of anything may not be a good thing. Do you know when enough is enough; when it’s time to step-back, let go, or forge ahead?

Here are some tips we have found to be helpful. They appeared originally in an Open Forum article written by Mike Michalowicz. 

The ideas this small business expert offers can work in almost any situation.

Cash Rich

Cash rich can make you time poor. Having time to enjoy the fruits of your labor is important. 

Michaolwicz writes “…if you can make $100/hour and work around the clock, there’s a limit to what you can earn: $2,400/day. But if you can hire 10 people to work for you and they earn you $10/hour, your daily billing is the same: $2,400/day. The difference? You’re not the one working.


Don’t buy what you can’t afford. Ask yourself if debt is worth having? Consider spending less than you make. It can provide you with “a cushion to protect you and your happiness.”


Seek out your passion. Those who “love” what they do often also experience satisfaction. In fact, according to Michaolwicz, “…it’s natural to find the will to be persistent, to persevere against tremendous odds.  And, from our perspective, everything about this makes it a win-win situation.

There really is no ‘one method fits all’ so be prepared to experiment. What happens when you spend less than you earn? Can you increase the amount of time you have to enjoy the financial rewards of your labor?

If you are willing to investigate – to test drive your options - you will find a balance that allows you to have more – if not all – of what you want in both your professional and personal spheres.

To learn more, read the complete article. 

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