Why E-Newsletters?


Allow Others To Sample Your Work

Let's face it,  sometimes people are reluctant to part with money. That’s especially true in today’s difficult times. So how can you get potential clients to trust you, let alone hire you before they've had a chance to really know the quality of your services? You have to have a method for them to sample your products and services without having to make a sizeable commitment. 
We know what you're thinking. You can't afford to give your services away for free, right? We get that. However, people won't use your services if you have not built up the important (and basic) know, like, and trust factors. So how can you get people to let potential clients sample your work?  You can produce an e-newsletter.

E-newsletters showcase your expertise

When you publish an e-newsletter you have an opportunity to show others how much you know about your chosen subject. In time your readers will recognize you as an authority because you provide them with useful and original content on a consistent basis.
You can decide which schedule works best for you. Some choose to produce a weekly e-newsletter. Others send an e-newsletter every two weeks, monthly or even quarterly. Timing doesn’t matter as much as regularity, so you’ve got to know what level of output you can provide on an ongoing basis.

Delivery Matters

The best way to deliver an e-newsletter is to through an autoresponder service. An autoresponder is exactly what it sounds like. You schedule a series of messages to get delivered at specific intervals. Autoresponders can be very expensive so you have to determine a budget you can comfortably (reasonably) afford. You also need to decide which features are important for your purposes. Some autoresponders have very good tracking methods while others may allow you to import existing email lists. There are literally dozens of autoresponder hosting companies to choose from. Here are four of the more popular ones:

  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
Be cautious of using free autoresponder services. Some have been known to pull the plug on the service without any warning. That would leave you without an autoresponder and email list.
An e-newsletter can be an important part of your public relations campaign. It is usually one of the first ways people find out about your products or services. E-newsletters not only help introduce you to others in a non-sales environment, they also serve to remind others that you are around and ready to serve, should the need arise.


On a final note, remember to include levity in the content. When possible, we include a few links to funny or uplifting videos, blogs or articles in each issue that DO NOT have anything to do with public relations.
We learned early on while working in newsrooms that people want to find enjoyment as well as valuable information in what they read.

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